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Diabetic Foot Assessment

Diabetic Foot Assessments

Do you have diabetes? 

Did you know that it can cause serious foot problems? Thanks to our many years of experience in high risk podiatry, you are in good hands with Sutherland Foot Clinic.

Note: We recommend that if you have a foot ulcer that you contact Southcare in Miranda on 9540 7540

Prevention is the Key here at Sutherland Foot Clinic

We don’t just check pulses, we use photoplethysmography (PPG) to measure blood pressure in your toes. The gold standard in vascular assessment of diabetics. This gives is a real value, that can be measured year after year to pick up any changes that may be occurring.

We also use Neurothesiometry which also gives us a measurable value in volts. This tests the level of sensation and helps monitor any loss of sensation over time.

We send a report to your GP within a week of performing our diabetic foot assessment.

Any significant change and your GP is notified immediately.
We also assess the dermatological condition of your feet and provide care where needed.

Footwear is thoroughly assessed.

Education is also a crucial and integral part of avoiding diabetic complications. We promote weight control, regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle.


Bulk Billing is Available at Sutherland Foot Clinic

Ask your GP for a referral to Sutherland Foot Clinic for Bulk Billing.

Please note, no referral is necessary for appointments.