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Second Treatment

Thick/Ingrown/Fungal Nails

Thick, fungal and ingrown toenails are extremely common. They may be un- sightly, irritating or even painful. The good news is, in many cases the nail can be returned to its original look or close to.

Fungal toe nails need to be treated in many ways. There are natural and prescription medications, laser therapy and cutting techniques that can help. Contact us to learn more.

Ingrown/ingrowing toenails can be extremely painful and often become infected. They are usually simple to treat and in most cases removal isn’t painful and provides instant relief. There are some simple ways to help prevent re occurrence before surgery is considered.

Thick toenails are often the result of a previous injury, trauma or nail infection. The nail matrix is often damages and produces a thickened nail that can be un-sightly, painful or irritating. They are very simple to treat and the nail often looks relatively normal after 1 treatment. Regular maintenance is recommended.
Southern Sports Podiatry uses experienced Podiatrists to help with your toenail problems right here in the centre of Sutherland